Building resilience and fighting childhood adversity. We are Joining Forces for Children.

We are a collective of educators, health care professionals, community members and more who work to prevent and reverse the effects of child traumas such as adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). Our goal is to brighten the future for children, their families, and our communities.

Understanding ACEs:

ACEs are traumatic events that can have negative, lasting effects on the health and well-being of children now and in the future.¹ ACEs include: abuse, neglect, family & household dysfunction and other experiences.

Persistent exposure to one or more ACEs as a child or adolescent can cause prolonged activation of the body’s stress response to frequent, intense situations/events. This response triggers toxic stress. It is this toxic stress that, when not properly addressed and reduced, can lead to many learning and behavioral issues as a child as well as many common life-threatening health conditions as an adult.2

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Supportive relationships are a step toward resilience.

ACEs and other childhood traumas are never easy subjects to address.  With a deeper understanding of the causes and consequences of ACEs on young minds and bodies, we can work to prevent toxic stress and build resilience to protect children from these outcomes.  We have the power to make this change. Strong and resilient families, neighborhoods, schools, and children can help reduce the impact of ACEs.

You can make a difference.

ACEs affect everyone, whether directly or indirectly, and we need everyone’s help to prevent and reduce the impact of ACEs on children in our community. No matter who you are or what group or agency you represent, you can make a difference.

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