Our Vision:

For all residents, organizations, and institutions in Greater Cincinnati to be empowered and equipped to serve as champions for physically and emotionally healthy children through safe and nurturing families, neighborhoods, and communities.

Our Mission:

Through its robust network of committed partners, Joining Forces for Children will strive to address and prevent the risks of childhood adversity and work to strengthen families with the skills, knowledge, support and resources they need to nurture their children’s health and well-being.

Our Theory of Change:

Early childhood experiences have a powerful impact on health and brain development. When ACEs trigger toxic stress, the resulting biological changes lead to learning challenges, behavioral health problems, and physical illness. When we reduce the impact of ACEs, we boost child well-being, health, and success.

Our collective impact initiative collaborates to:

  • Inform and educate families, communities, and institutions about the effects of adverse childhood experiences.
  • Build capacity within our community and among parents to recognize and strategically improve childhood well-being by responding to childhood adversity.
  • Identify and implement best-practices and evidence-based interventions in services and supports that build resilience and reduce adversity.
  • Facilitate advocacy and policy change that addresses child well-being and reduces the effects of toxic stress.

Forces for Children:

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