Greater Cincinnati Resilience Coalition

Building resilience, strengthening communities

Who Are We

The Greater Cincinnati Resilience Coalition, also known as Resilience Advocates, is comprised of community members dedicated to understanding and addressing the effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) Our mission is to work with families and neighborhoods to identify strengths, reduce stress, and increase resilience in response to community violenceWe provide education and awareness on ACEs, toxic stress and community protective factors, create resilience building events, and advocate for equitable and sustainable solutions to help communities heal from trauma.   

Our Initiatives 

Our peer-topeer outreach program focuses on spreading awareness of ACEs and toxic stress, while empowering communities to develop protective factors specific to their needs.  We equip local leaders with the sciences of ACEs, toxic stress, and strategies for promoting protective factors. These community leaders, or Resilience Advocates, develop strong collaborations across multiple neighborhood organizations to build resilience in youth and families. 


Through our outreach efforts, we connect community youth to safe spaces and supportive adults to enhance a sense of belonging and hopefulness. For example, we coordinate with Avondale Library to host girls, boys, and caregiver groups during the summer. These groups build positive coping skills, provide opportunities to practice healthy conflict resolution, and facilitate social connections. We also support neighbors by reaching out to bystanders after a violent incident has occurred and educate local businesses on the impact of community violence.  

Connect with us to Learn More

  • Interested in becoming a Resilience Advocate? We welcome community members, professionals,  and volunteers to join our efforts. Whether it’s participating in community conversations, providing support to families, or advocating for policy change, there are various ways to get involved.
  • Gain access to free and customizable training in trauma informed care, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), and community resilience.
  • Explore resources for parents, and community leaders to better understand and address ACEs and Trauma 

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Local Stories of Resilience

Margaret’s Place: Powered by Peer Leaders

YWCA Greater Cincinnati had the opportunity during the 2017-2018 school year to work with the Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation to implement a program called Margaret’s Place for the first time in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Margaret’s Place is a dedicated safe room in schools where students who have been impacted by violence and trauma can […]

Strong Relationships, High Expectations and Wrap-Around Support: Addressing Student Needs Through Restorative Practices

The adverse experiences children have outside of school are not left behind when students arrive at the school door. Kids bring toxic life experiences with them into the classroom — where they may show up as disruptive behavior, depression, anger, aggression, fear and other obstacles to academic success. Increasingly, educators are recognizing that to help […]

Virtual Tour of Avondale for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Staff

An educational research team at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital has developed, implemented, and evaluated a virtual tour of a local impoverished neighborhood (Avondale). The virtual tour utilizes immersive 360 videos, allowing viewers to move freely within the virtual environment, and is organized in a phone/tablet application (app). This educational experience highlights Avondale’s community resources and neighborhood-related barriers […]