Margaret’s Place: Powered by Peer Leaders

YWCA Greater Cincinnati had the opportunity during the 2017-2018 school year to work with the Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation to implement a program called Margaret’s Place for the first time in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Margaret’s Place is a dedicated safe room in schools where students who have been impacted by violence and trauma can […]

Strong Relationships, High Expectations and Wrap-Around Support: Addressing Student Needs Through Restorative Practices

The adverse experiences children have outside of school are not left behind when students arrive at the school door. Kids bring toxic life experiences with them into the classroom — where they may show up as disruptive behavior, depression, anger, aggression, fear and other obstacles to academic success. Increasingly, educators are recognizing that to help […]

Virtual Tour of Avondale for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Staff

An educational research team at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital has developed, implemented, and evaluated a virtual tour of a local impoverished neighborhood (Avondale). The virtual tour utilizes immersive 360 videos, allowing viewers to move freely within the virtual environment, and is organized in a phone/tablet application (app). This educational experience highlights Avondale’s community resources and neighborhood-related barriers […]