Engaging Staff & Children in Conversations about Social-Emotional Resilience

We’re excited to share a collection of posters and reflection sheets for promoting social-emotional resilience in settings with children. Designed by our School Age Channel, these posters and reflection sheets can be used to spark conversations around understanding our feelings and utilizing regulation strategies.

Posters and reflection sheets can be downloaded below. There are separate posters for teachers and adult staff, children aged 9-12, and children aged 5-8. Reflection sheets are intended to be paired with posters and used to foster further discussion with individual children.

These tools are free for anyone to use. We simply ask that you share feedback on your experience with the tools through the form below:

Large Poster

(18” x 24”)

Posters for Children

8.x5 x 11

Reflection Sheets for Children

8.5 x 11 Worksheets

About the Illustrator

Our Social-Emotional Resilience Posters and Reflection Sheets were designed by our JFfC School Age Channel Members. The illustrations pictured in these resources were created by a local student, Olivia.

Olivia is a student at McNicholas high school on an art scholarship. She enjoys learning about English and Psychology. When she is not drawing, she’s playing lacrosse, soccer, and going out with friends.