"5 Ways To" Tip Sheets for Building Resilience

These 5 themed tip sheets outline every day actions that help children build resilience and develop strong, stable relationships. 

Creating safe, stable nurturing relationships are the key to helping kids overcome life’s challenges. These tip sheets outline easy, everyday actions you can do to help your early-childhood aged child build resilience and strengthen their connection with you.

You may find you’re already doing many of these things! We hope these tip sheets can build your confidence in your ability to build your child’s resilience.

Tip sheets are available in English, Spanish, and French. Click the buttons below to download our 5 Tip Sheets in your preferred language: 

Many children’s books with similar themes are available at your local library; check out our book list for more information.

Click to download our book list.

Our “5 Ways To” Build Resilience Tip Sheets are a popular tool for parent engagement.

  • Engage Caregivers in a quick and simple way by providing them with the tip sheets & eliciting further conversation
  • Educate Caregivers on strategies for building resilience by asking them for reflections on ways to practice these tips with their children
  • Promote literacy by pairing the tip sheets with a similarly themed children’s book and teaching caregivers to model reading strategies

Tip sheets can be paired with similarly themed children’s books. We’ve seen them used at story time, shared with families at home visits, and even distributed at the Cincinnati Children’s emergency departments! Click here to access our book list. 

If you can’t print out every tip sheet, consider downloading this QR code & flyer to distribute all tip sheets to parents at once!


Parents who paired tip sheets and children’s books saw promising results: 

“A great resource to build resilience in kids! Families were interested in learning more about this topic & how to teach their kids about it.”

– Family Service Worker, Hamilton County Educational Service Center (HCESC)